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See what our clients are saying about Good Dog for Life!

“We recommend Sabrina Watts as our first choice for a local dog trainer. Personable and responsible, she is over 100% commited to her clients and their four legged family members. Her experience and dog training skills are top notch!” October 27, 2011 – Ava Ackerman D.M.V., Associate Veterinarian, Belmont Pet Hospital was a consultant or contractor to Sabrina at Good Dog for Life (taken from Linkend)

”They are 100% reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable”

“We have a very busy household. We have four kids and four dogs. Sabrina and Tink have made training our dogs a pleasure. Not only do they come to your house but they customize a training program to fit the needs of your dogs and family. Our mastiffs liked them so much that we decided to continue using Tink to exercise them on a weekly basis. Tink has also been very supportive in helping us care for our sick dog and taking her to vet appointments when we are unable. They are 100% reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable in regard to dogs. I highly recommend them.” -Gina (Woodside)

“Good Dog for Life is Excellent Service”

“When we started with Sabrina at Good Dog for Life, our dog was 3 months old and having a problem with biting. Everybody recommended to correct the behavior when the dog was still young. Sabrina came to our home and started to give our dog trainings. 3 months later, our dog is friendly and very emotionally stable. Good Dog for Life is also flexible in their service. When my wife and I were away for about a month, Sabrina kept our dog and trained her at the same time. We are lucky to find her service.” -Shaw (Hayward)

“Good Dog For Life is Great!”

“Sabrina is a phenomenal trainer. Not only does she understand the psychology of dogs, but she understands people and even children. I always say “it’s harder to train your kids than to train your dog.” Sabrina helped us train both. My children now understand what the dog is thinking and how to react. Her puppy classes have been a huge gift to our family: we enjoy our puppy so much more since her instruction.‎” -Diana (Menlo Park)

“Very In Tune”

“I first met Sabrina when she attended one of our Large Animal Emergency Rescue classes while she worked as a County Animal Control Officer. I found Sabrina to be very compassionate about placing dogs in, as she would say, forever homes, through training, education, teaching kids and rescue. After spending time with her, we became friends. We again spent time together when we both attended the Reserve Police Officer Training at CSM. During our time in the Academy Sabrina began developing her “Good Dog for Life” training program and we would often discuss her goals and visions. After purchasing our Doberman puppy, we attended some of her training classes. We also had the opportunity to witness Sabrina work with young children and their dogs during another training program. She was very in tune with her young students and adapted her teaching style and approach based on their age and skill with handling their dog. I feel that Sabrina has developed a successful and wonderful training program that I would highly recommend. Lastly, I believe that what really makes the “Good Dog for Life” dog-training program a true success is the compassion Sabrina has in giving every dog a chance to learn in a positive environment. I wish Sabrina continued success.” -Al Filice (HMB)

“Provide customized services that suit our needs!”

“My dogs love Tink. Well they love Sabrina too, but Tink walks them on a daily basis.

As a former Humane Officer and dog walker, I know what can go wrong and my priorities when looking for a dog walker were threefold. I want to know my dogs are safe, my house is safe and that my dogs are having an enjoyable time and getting exercise. I have all three of those things with Good Dog for Life.

I have three dogs, two of which could be described as challenging :). I also have a work schedule that can be a little hectic. Tink and Sabrina provide customized services that suit our needs. They do leash walks, arrange play groups and training. I know when Tink is walking my dogs, he is not teaching them any bad habits and is reinforcing their training. I also know that he is not going to put my dogs in situations where they might get into trouble.

Here is the most important thing, in addition to my dogs loving them, Tink and Sabrina love my dogs and you can see it when they interact with them.” – Andrea (Pacifica)