Good Dog for Life Fitness

What to Bring:

Water (be sure to hydrate the night before, and after class as well)

All terrain shoes

Class Occupancy:

max 4 participants and their dog





Much as we may love our kids and pamper our pups, you can’t forget to take time for¬†you!

I started my cleanse last week and it felt great! It was gentle and I felt an energy boost from all the good stuff in there.

Eating and living a healthy lifestyle is constant and for someone like me who grew up on Kraft MacNCheese from a box. The struggle is real to fight cravings for things that aren’t good for my body. On a daily. Even though I know how much better I feel without the crap.

If you’re ready to live and eat better than you are now; I’d love to help!

xo, Sabrina