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Here at Good Dog for Life, we’re proud to help rescues find their forever homes. Even the best dogs sometimes need a bit of polish, and Sabrina has fostered and trained plenty of gems over the years in partnership with Pets in Need.

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Cece needs a best friend. I really think she would do best with someone who needs a best friend too. She loves being loved and being with her people more than anything, except being with someone who’s giving her a belly-rub, that’s the best ever! She doesn’t like being left alone for long periods of time or excluded from the the family. She does like some alone time in her kennel though. We have it in the garage and I think she really likes the cool temperature. 

She has some food aggression. It seems like this is only an issue if she’s hungry. The vet said she should lose a little weight, when I cut back on the amount of food she was getting she started eating Jax’s food too. She beat him up for it a few times. The last time I sadly had to kick her to get her off him, he had a few bleeding cuts but was ok. I increased her food again and haven’t had the problem since. 

She likes predictability. She was found on the streets and when we rescued her she was 20 pounds under weight. She’s skittish and easily spooked. She doesn’t appreciate small kids in her space, they make her nervous and she has growled at my cousin’s small kids. She doesn’t strangers staring down at her either, more than once this has made her act aggressive, barking and the hair on her back standing up. She’s acts scary it’s a scary situation but she’s never bitten anyone. She will act aggressive to anyone who comes through the door and shows any weakness/fear. If the person coming in isn’t scared, she’s all wags and it’s not long before she asks if they want to rub her belly. 

If you aren’t on top of your surroundings, she’s aggressive to other dogs in the street when you are walking in what she thinks is her territory. We’ve rarely seen the same behavior on hikes. Then she only gets aggressive to dogs that lunge or bark at her. 

For some reason she has stopped letting the vet examine her and she won’t let the groomers wash her anymore. These are new developments since this fall. She has fleas at the moment but no one can wash her and her dew claws are dangerously long. The flea treatment we give her doesn’t seem to be working anymore. In the summer I wash her myself in the backyard with the hose. She doesn’t enjoy it but she puts up with it. 


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