Sabrina Watts

Trainer & Owner

sabrina2Trainer Sabrina Watts is a Bay Area native with an unparalleled love of animals. As a mobile trainer she travels often to train for a week at a time and positively affect the lives of pets and their owners in parts of California and Nevada. In 2013 she founded her non-profit, Project One Love, to help connect at-risk youth and shelter dogs. By sharing her knowledge she hopes to rebuild our communities one child and dog at a time.

The idea GDFL was born 2005 when she attended animal behavior college to be a pet dog trainer. She started teaching classes at a major pet store in 2007 and went on to teach at a district level. Then, Sabrina taught at the  Menlo Park Rec-Center, while gaining private in-home experience. Working at Pets in Need (Northern California’s 1st no kill shelter) from 2013-2014 and still contract out with them to take on their project dogs. She then took GDFL full time in 2011 hasn’t looked back since.

With over 3500 logged hours, & working with over 1800 dogs, Sabrina knows she is in the right field. She is passionate about helping families raise puppies right, while tackling  behavior issues and turning around dogs that are at risk, to make them obedient, and well-trained family pets.

Sabrina has a 4 year old little girl who spent the first 2 years in a pack on the mountain with her, and now spend days in her dad Tink’s playgroup, unless she is off on a learning adventure with her mom and little brother. Sabrina is also fostering a “human” baby who goes with her and Tink on the hikes now. Tink and Sabrina are going to get married in April 2019. GDFL is a small family-like business that prides itself on taking care of their clients and their dogs like family.



Trainer/Play Group

Tink ProfileTink has always been an animal lover and got his first Rottie in 2006. He and Sabrina found each other later that year and started walking dogs and training together. They started a play group for their aggressive dogs that needed work in 2011 and the dogs flourished as well as his groups. Many of those dogs have aged out but they still have a few. The groups now are littered varied ages and breeds. Tink enjoys and specializes in aggression and working with power breeds.



Hiker/Small Group/Walker

Rowan ImageRowan is a dedicated animal caregiver and handler local to the Redwood City area. She has over 15 years experience working with a variety of canines, with a fondness for large breeds. She practiced safe handling training during her two years at a local animal hospital, and is capable of giving medications if needed. Rowan is currently a dog hiker/handler available for walks, as well as non-overnight pet sitting for any species. In her free time, she is a cosplay professional who enjoys selling art and costumes of brightly colored creatures.





Julie Profile ImageJulie was born and raised in Pacifica and has always had a great love for animals. As a young child, she had a passion for dogs and was always amazed how they are a constant source of surprises and reward! She always looked at dogs as important family members. Julie’s natural ability to connect with all types of dogs is remarkable, along with her energetic and positive attitude, making her a great hiking partner for the pups. Your dogs will always get lots of love with Julie!






Alexis is a Pacifica native and has been hiking the big mountain for GDFL since 2016 as soon as she graduated high school. She is interested in training and has worked with Sabrina with her own Pittie to overcome leash-reactivity. She has attended different training classes and plans on furthering her knowledge in this field.




GDFLTeam Kristy

Kristy is a mom of two awesome kids and has her own business re-selling vintage and antique clothes. Kristy started filling in for hikers when they are absent in the beginning of 2018 and is now learning all positions to be able to float anywhere needed. She has a great spirit and all our human and fur babies love her!






Kalina is a long standing member of the pack, sharing her affection and experience with our extended Good Dog for Life family in San Diego.
Please Contact Her Directly