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Wednesday, October 19th 2016


Ellie and I have moved home back to Pacifica!! We are so happy and grateful to be back and happy to be close to our extended dog family. We’ve moved to a house on Shamrock Ranch, but Good Dog for Life is still separate. Per my contract with them, I can do board & train for puppies up to 8 months, and we are working out details to see about me being able to take care of my previous training/hiking clients for boarding — we will keep you posted on any new developments!

– Sabrina



tickOur pack leaders Mia and Becca do their best to keep your pup healthy, happy and safe during their outings. While the dogs are all checked over before loading into the van to go home, this winter we’d like to remind you that they may still come home with muddy paws or some unwanted stragglers. While ticks are less prevalent in winter, it’s good to keep an eye out. Likewise, watch for foxtails as they can pose serious issues for dogs if left unattended.foxtail

foxtailRainy Days

As we head into rainy season, please remember to let us know ahead of time if you’d like your dog to skip a hike due to weather. Unless the weather is severe, hikes continue as scheduled otherwise.

Our pack leaders do their best to avoid puddles, but a bit of mud can be unavoidable! While we do towel dry the dogs as they are loaded into the van, they may need some additional attention when they arrive home.foxtail


Meet the Team

While we’ve certainly met your dog, we don’t always get the chance for the same level of face time with our human clients — so here’s everything you may want to know about our team that your dog hasn’t told you!

sabrina2Sabrina Watts

Owner & Trainer

Trainer Sabrina Watts is a Bay Area native with an unparalleled love of animals. As a mobile trainer she travels often to train for a week at a time and positively affect the lives of pets and their owners in parts of California and Nevada. In 2013 she founded her non-profit, Project One Love, to help connect at-risk youth and shelter dogs. By sharing her knowledge she hopes to rebuild our communities one child and dog at a time.

“The idea GDFL was born 2005 when I attended animal behavior college to be a pet dog trainer. I started teaching classes at a major pet store in 2007 and went on to teach at a district level. Then I taught in Menlo parks Rec center while I gained private in home experience. I worked at Pets in Need (nor California’s 1st no kill shelter) from 2013-2014 and still contract out with them to take on their project dogs. I took GDFL full time in 2011 haven’t looked back since.”

With over 2000 logged hours & over 1000 dogs Sabrina knows she is in her field. She is passionate about helping families raise puppies right and tackling on behavior issues and turning around the dogs that are about to be thrown away.
Sabrina has a toddler whom she has taken on the hikes and to training appts in a backpack since she was 3 weeks old. GDFL is a small family like business that prided themselves on taking care of their clients and their dogs like family.
In her spare time Sabrina has a growing nonprofit (Project One Love, Inc) that focuses on pairing at risk children use with shelter dogs.



Pack Leaderbecca

Becca has worked with dogs since high school, quickly realizing that very little could be as rewarding. She lives in Pacifica with her two pint-sized chihuahuas and loves her time spent with the Pack. With experience in dog daycare managing group play, supervising various sized Packs and certifications in Pet CPR and First Aid, she’s all about caring for her canine companions.

“I started walking dogs on weekends and afternoons while I was in high school. What started as just extra cash around the neighborhood, turned into my first part time job as a dog walker at a kennel. It took off from there, and within a few years I’d worked every position at the kennel from walker, to bather, training assistant, receptionist, K9 concierge — you name it. Once I realized it wasn’t just a passive ‘job’ but a a fulfilling career path, I helped to start up and manage a dog daycare department, and took seminars in Safe Off-Leash Play, Pet First Aid and CPR, and Basic Obedience. I met Sabrina during those early years, and our paths crossed regularly within our pet community. While life changes forced a move from my original K9 community, I’m thrilled to have joined Sabrina having found my way to GDFL!”

Becca hikes with the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday groups at Mori Point and on Montara Mountain. She loves the chance to enjoy the outdoors, and see to it that the dogs do too! Becca is a student at Academy of Art University, because when she’s not hanging out with dogs, she can’t help but draw them.


Mia and the handsome CoachMia

Pack Leader & K9 Transport

Mia came to GDFL through Pet Food Express where she worked as a manager getting her daily dog fix from customers. Trainer and owner Sabrina couldn’t wait to steal her away and add her to our team!

Mia is the person your pup sees every morning for pick ups, making her a favorite among the excited pooches!



Pack Leader

Part of the GDFL extended family, Mike is our part time pack leader extraordinaire! With a long time love of gentle giants, Mike is happy to jump into the mix and join our group hikes a few times a week.

Mike operates Sunset 29 BBQ when he’s not enjoying some K9 company at the beach or up in the mountains.



Pack Leader

Kalina is a long standing member of the pack, sharing her affection and experience with our extended Good Dog for Life family in Napa.



The GDFL Team

www.gooddogforlife.com | contact@gooddogforlife.com

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