New Pack Leader

Hi Everyone,

This has been a transition time for all of us at Good Dog for Life and we are excited for our future, and thankful for all of your patience.

As most of you know by now, Ellie & I moved up to Lake Berryessa in Dec/Jan and am only down in the Bay training twice a week. I needed a manager to cover my hikes Monday through Friday, take the work van home, and that was up for the fun challenge of exercising these pups in a safe way on the mountains we explore.

Bian shares a photo-op with Jemma, Jackson and Coach at Pulgas Ridge (San Carlos)

We are so so pleased we were able to find Bian at our local coffee shop! She actually has been serving me coffee since she was in HS until she went off to college. She came b
ack at the end of college and I knew she was the right fit for Good Dog for Life. She is upbeat, positive, loves the dogs, is excited to hike, eager to learn more and excited to work with us.

You’ll see us together during pick ups this week (except Mike will be with her for the Wednesday hike (Sammie, Brooke & Tilley); Mike, thanks again for helping out this week, ❤️my dog family!)

Krystal is venturing on her own and will no longer be grooming at my old Redwood City house. This will ensure her being able to work around her daughter’s schedule as all of us Mommies want. Going forward, all grooming details can be worked out with her 🐾👍🏼😊.

Cell: 1 (650) 380-9238

Bian’s cell is 1 (650) 296-544, and our other wonderful hiker who meets her 3 of the 5 days to hike is Becky. Becky worked at Shamrock Ranch for years through High School and now college and we were super stoked to grab her up a couple months back; dogs love her as much as she loves them!

I’m very pleased with the new crew and the dogs have been as well. This is a job where you have to love exercise, dogs, and be up for fun each time we go (while being safe). It takes a certain attitude and it’s hard to find so I’m so happy I did with these young ladies!
Please welcome them as I have🐾🐩🐕.

Please call me if yomikeu need to and hopefully I’ll get to see some faces this week! Have a wonderful week and check out FB for pictures of our hikes!

Mike (who owns my mastiff’s brother, long time friend and dog lover- filled in a few days while we locked down new schedules) with Jemma, Jackson and Coach at Pulgas Ridge (San Carlos)

Please call or email if anyone has any questions or concerns. Thanks again and Happy Trails!


Sabrina Watts


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